Return To Calm Ecourse

Build resilience to stress that leads to anxiety, depression and pain




✓  Alleviate stress, anxiety and depression
✓  Learn to be less reactive to stress in your life
✓  Learn to be more present, living in the moment
✓  Create long term change and maintain it 
✓  Improve personal and work relationships 
✓  Be more patient and happy in life 
✓  Return your nervous system to calm  


Who is it for?

✓ Have been having a hard time dealing with stress and feel overwhelmed

✓ Suffering from anxiety, depression, mood fluctuations, lack of motivation

✓ Have digestive symptoms that often disrupt your life

✓ Have tension and pain that doesn't get resolved

✓ Are often irritable even with those closest to you and feel frustrated with yourself

✓ Often experience brain fog, poor memory, struggle to concentrate or make decisions

✓ Often rely on substances (alcohol, caffeine, sugar, chocolate) to help you feel 'normal'

✓ Have tried meditating but found it too hard and your mind wouldn't stop racing

✓ Struggle to fit in time for self care, though you know you desperately need it

How does the course work?

It guides you through a simple process of changing the way you view life and in turn the things that stress you.

The recordings assist in reprocessing your unconscious mind to release old patterns that lead to intrusive thoughts, feelings and physical ailments.

Each daily lesson is simple and step by step you will reprogram those old thinking patterns that lead you to stress, anxiety, pain and depression.

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What do you get?

Quality recordings to reprogram mindfully

  Kick off your daily stress reduction routine with audio tracks containing therapeutic guided meditations
✓  Increase compassion and connection
  Learn to break the cycle of worry and rumination
✓  Release your past regret and future worries
✓  Learn mindful breathing 
  Retrain your mind to be less reactive to sensations
✓  Learn to be present living in the moment

10 Weeks of lessons and practical journal worksheets

 Put your training in to practice by logging the ways you have cultivated your 8 specific mindful awareness principles using this easy journal format
 Learn to become more responsive rather than reactive to your life stressors
 Easy to use daily format
✓  Simplistic structure 
 10th week Worksheet to practice all principles in one week ongoing, to maintain calm

Mindfulness basics and strategies workbook

 Specific mindfulness approaches and getting started
 Mindfulness skills for specific Mental health disorders including: PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, depression, ADHD, Anger, Mood dysregulation, Bi polar and sleep disorders
 Simple questions answered, thoughts and exercises provided
 Mindfulness journal to track your progress

How to stop losing the battle to Anxiety Ebook

✓  Discover whats happening to you during anxiety and panic
✓  Learn how the body responds to modern stress
  Learn how and why the brain holds on to those defensive patterns that keep you stuck in anxiety
 Learn how Mindfulness principles can reduce anxiety and change your mindset toward resilience
 Plus the 5 ways to control a panic attack fast

Return To Calm Ecourse includes:

  • 5 Quality specifically designed recordings to reprogram your brain mindfully
  • 10 Weeks of simple how to apply mindful principles to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain
  • Mindfulness basics booklet with how to apply mindfulness to common mental health disorders
  • Educational Ebook on understanding anxiety and panic and how to stop losing the battle.

Now ONLY AUD$97 (Including GST)

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Client Testimonials

  • True Health Synergy

    “I've struggled with anxiety on and off for years. Once I had children and was juggling kids, work, life and a couple of moves it all became a bit much and my anxiety escalated.

    I have 25 years of meditation behind me but Scott's Return To Calm sessions took me to a deeper, calmer place which has permeated my days.

    Its great to know that I can log in and re-do any of the sessions at any time, in case I have a wobble and/or life throws me the inevitable curve balls.

    Thanks for getting me back to a calm, happy place Scott.”

    Online student

  • True Health Synergy

    “Scott offers a life changing experience I can not recommend highly enough.

    He has shown me a whole new level of consciousness and mindfulness which makes you see life through a complete different lens and shows you what happiness and presence is supposed to feel like.

    He gives you tools for life which you will be able to apply in so many different situations which can literally save you.

    Thank you Scott for everything is all that is left to say :)”

    Google review

  • True Health Synergy

    “Scott has helped me heal and transform myself through my chronic health journey. Having been unwell for 2 years now with dysautonomia/POTS & gut issues, I've developed a slew of coping strategies that whilst useful in times of high stress, weren't serving me well as I looked to heal & strengthen myself.
    The combination of hypnotherapy & mindfulness techniques he has taught me have set me well on the path to healing, not to mention taught me great techniques for coping in everyday life too.

    When I first started working with him, I was unable to get in a vehicle due to health-related PTSD, suffered from moderate to severe everyday pain and was house-restricted. Within two weeks of working with him I was able to get in a car with reduced anxiety, I had learned to let go of some of my fear of pain, and I was out & about more. Within two months, my car anxiety had diminished significantly, my fear of pain was gone, and I had regained a lot of my joie de vivre.

    Of all the treatments and techniques I've tried, this is by far the game-changing one. My stress levels have been reduced, I've developed great self-insight, and feel calmer and more centred within myself. If you're looking for a new approach to help with stress and/or health issues, I would not hesitate to recommend his services. ”

    Google review

  • True Health Synergy

    “I've recently completed a Stress Reduction Program with Scott. I've learnt some really effective daily practices and benefited from hypnotherapy sessions aimed at helping me reach a super relaxed state; boosting my self-worth; gaining an understanding of past experiences and how they can (unknowingly) cause me stress; and completely removing inexplicable pain. Scott took me on a journey which has meant I'm pain-free, empowered to be in control of what will serve-me (enabling me to make better decisions - for me), and with an appreciation that it's just as important to "un-do" every day as much as it is to "do".

    I was particularly impressed with pain-removal hypno session where Scott completely removed pain I had experienced down my side that wasn't related to a health issue. He taught my mind to deploy more healthy techniques to respond to what life throws at you.

    Thank you Scott for taking me on this journey and helping me become a happier, healthier and better version of myself. You are really gifted at what you do. Highly recommend!”

    Google review

  • True Health Synergy

    “I began to see Scott as part of wholistic approach to manage my Depression and Anxiety that are driven by Panic Attacks. Scott is very empathic and totally understands how debilitating this condition can be. The tools provided by Scott and the sessions have definitely assisted me on the path to recovery.”

Richard Hill MA, MEd, MBMSc, DPC

Co-author with Ernest Rossi PhD, The Practitioner's Guide to Mirroring Hands, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, The Davis Health Centre
President of the Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies (GAINS), Managing Editor, The Science of Psychotherapy
Patron of The Australian Society for Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH), Director, Mindscience Institute

"The most debilitating thing for our health and well-being is lack of knowledge. We learn many things through experience, but we can learn a lot from people who have the time and the energy to do the research and choose to teach. The next important thing is to access a teacher who is genuinely knowledgeable. That is the hardest part. When I looked into this program, information and the practical advice offered, I saw a wealth of knowledge and an expertise that I am pleased to endorse.

There are several tracks of engagement in this program that allow you to discover what resonates best with you. Each part can act as a springboard to your own personalisation of how you manage the challenges of life and the deeper information that supports our health and well-being. Take a little time to explore this program and I encourage you to feel confident to take advantage of the help it offers." RH

Richard h mh

Scott Allerton 
Clinical hypnotherapist, NLP, Certified Mindfulness meditation teacher, Cert 4 fatigue mgmt, Bioenergetic practitioner

Scott believes that we have all the resources within us needed to heal ourselves, although having someone that has walked the walk and undertaken the training needed to facilitate you in effecting the change is essential.

Scott has overcome many obstacles during his life of adverse childhood experiences, which lead to severe anxiety, depression and and Pain. Mindfulness was a key component that assisted Scott to be able to build resilience. He now harnesses his own life lessons and his skill set to assist his clients in achieving transformation as he has. Scott believes there is a strength in being able to relate to the challenges his clients face and facilitating them to utilise their own inner resources to transform their lives.

Scott approaches his clients health in a very holistic fashion, treating the mind and the body as one integrated system. Making use of his hand picked toolbox of modalities, Scott offers an effective path toward achieving your health goals, by limiting stress to overcome anxiety, depression, physical and emotional pain.....Returning your nervous system to calm.

Return To Calm course includes:

  • 5 Quality specifically designed recordings to reprogram your brain mindfully
  • 10 Weeks of simple how to apply mindful principles to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain
  • Mindfulness basics booklet with how to apply mindfulness to common mental health disorders
  • Educational Ebook on understanding anxiety and panic and how to stop losing the battle

Now ONLY AUD$97 (Including GST)

cropped Affiliate image product for mf program